Upgrade Day

I have been upgrading the Designs by Derin Facebook page. New jewelry, with their individual descriptions and prices are listed in the photo album, Jewelry for Sale. I will be reshooting some of the photos. I will also be photographing some newer pieces that are not shown. I am really enjoying this whole process. Designing and production is the most fun. I love taking the individual components and coming up with color combinations and the tactile feeling of a piece.  I thank my daughter, Fiona, for her help in getting this blog started. Thank you to my family and early customers for your support.

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Perfect SRING or SUMMER necklace

Beautiful coral and turquoise necklace that will help spice up any spring or summer outfit. $35

Beautiful coral and turquoise necklace that will help spice up any spring or summer outfit. $35

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Here we go …

As I begin my business venture, or adventure, I wonder how I will do. I really enjoy making jewelry. At the moment most of my designs are based on patterns I have found in books and on web sites. I seem to learn more every day. Things like, should I make my own jump rings or buy them commercially? Much depends on equipment. Other things that I think about include what color or types of beads do I want to use on a particular day? Do I want to work on earrings, bracelets, or a necklace? As I make different types of jewelry I come up with various ideas of my own. That is so much fun.

Another thing I am going to be doing in the near future is Pysanky Eggs. I learned this craft last year at a workshop at church. It is another craft which uses my artistic skills. I will photograph what I made last year and post those. As soon as I have some for sale, I will post those too.

I look forward to keeping interested people up with what I am doing.

See you soon.

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